Workload measurement is all about connecting the dots.

Smart Management Decisions

For more than 35 years Promiso (pro-mee-so) has allowed healthcare providers to record workload activities, arrange these diverse activities into a coherent pattern, and use this vital information to better manage their time and resources. The results are smart management decisions to drive the best level of patient care.

Workload Measurement as a Management Tool

Manage time and resources effectively. Here's how Promiso does it:

  • Collects detailed data about where professional time is being spent. You will know precisely where your resources are being directed. Never again will you wonder where all the time and effort goes; Promiso will tell you.
  • Accepts data from other sources such as your ADT system and payroll system to prevent the duplication of data entry tasks and help ensure data integrity.
  • Generates reports that give you answers. Answers about patient care, staff utilization, trends, budgetary concerns, and so on. Promiso has dozens of built-in reports. They are pick-and-choose simple and cover any date span. In addition, Report Designer allows you to create custom reports to run in Promiso should you want complete control over the report layout as well as the content.
  • Provides data to feed systems such as case costing. With our MIS Statistical Export Utility or Case Costing Export Utility, you can generate the information required by departments such as finance and decision support.

Waste No Time

The biggest complaint about workload measurement is that it takes too long to enter data. It shouldn't. And Promiso proves this.

If it takes more than 30 seconds to record an encounter with a new patient then you need to give us a call. Something's not right. Subsequent entries for the same patient should take less than 15 seconds.

Recording workload may not be a popular task. Promiso at least makes it painless. And fast.

Configure for One Profession or Many

You name it, Promiso collects it. Set unique data collection levels and items to track for as many professions and functional centres as you want. Produce single-profession reports (say, for nursing) or multi-profession reports (say, for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech/language pathology). Then evaluate, justify, compare, and plan.

Get Answers, Not Just Numbers

Numbers can tell you about workload, service activity, and caseload: for example, how many clients are seen in the cardiac clinic; number of attendance days; total amount of time for the month; average time per client.

Answers, on the other hand, are the transformation of facts and figures into management fodder. For example, how much time is spent per patient diagnostic type by referring physician; which staff members have the most experience in endoscopy; how well utilized (or underutilized) are the four consultation rooms in oncology; what is the cost per patient in the asthma clinic per age category; what's the average travel time per palliative home visit by geographical region?

Powerful information for making smart decisions. Delivered to your desktop by Promiso.

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