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Workload Measurement

In health care, where time and resources constantly challenge your ability to deliver the best possible level of service, workload is the ace up your sleeve.

Electronic Charting

Hailed as the future in healthcare communications, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) has suffered a dismal adoption rate: 90% of clinical notes are still made with pen and paper. But standards are about to change all that.

Finance/Decision Support

You wouldn't make budgetary decisions without knowing the state of your finances. Yet in crucial areas such as case costing and strategic planning, financial figures are just part of the equation. Workload is the other.

One Program For All

Are you looking for one program to manage workload measurement for your organization? One program to tame the jungle of workload requirements for a multitude of professions? One program to report consistently across these professions? One program to satisfy several levels of management? Well, your search is over.


You need to chart and you need to record workload. But you don't have to do them separately. At least not with ChartTime.


Manage your healthcare resources wisely through efficient recording and reporting of workload.

ADT Interface Server

Ensure that Promiso and Skribos have the latest client data directly from your ADT system with this HL7-compliant interface.

Report Designer

Create reports with the layouts you want and the information you need to make smart decisions.


Extract data from Promiso for your MIS statistical and case costing reporting needs, feed other applications in finance and decision support.

Recording Workload for Groups is Now a Breeze

The latest release of Promiso, InfoMed's industry-standard workload measurement solution for health care, has been enhanced to allow for rapid recording of data for groups. Now, you can enter workload for individual clients attending a group session (e.g., counselling, pool, education), all together on one screen, as quickly as if recording data for an individual client. Watch this 2-minute video to learn how.

InfoMed Development Corporation Acquires XMLdp

InfoMed Development Corporation has acquired XMLdp, electronic health record (EHR) software, from XMLdp Systems Inc. This acquisition expands InfoMed's core workload measurement solution significantly by integrating workload recording with client documentation.

Skribos (formerly XMLdp) is available now as an independent program for charting. It complies with HL7's Clinical Document Architecture, an XML-based document markup standard for the exchange of information in health care.

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