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Workload Measurement

In health care, where time and resources constantly challenge your ability to deliver the best possible level of service, workload is the ace up your sleeve.

Slash Time Spent Recording Workload

At InfoMed we understand the burden of recording workload. Although we can't eliminate it, we can make the task a whole lot easier. And faster. Here's how.

Record Workload While You Chart
You need to chart your client interaction. You also need to record workload. Why not do them both at the same time? You can with ChartTime, our suite of tools that makes recording workload a part of your charting.
Grab Data From the ADT System
Much of the background data you're recording is already available in the registration system. Why re-enter it? With ADT Interface Server, data such as demographics, location, admitting diagnosis, and encounter number can be retrieved from your ADT. It's accurate, up-to-date, and right there where you need it.
Collect Only The Data You Need
Your reporting needs should drive the scope of the data you collect. Promiso, our workload measurement program, lets you record just the data you need. Nothing more. By reducing data collection you get more accurate information and better compliancy. And your reports truly reflect your activities.
When It's Convenient For You
You choose when it's most convenient to record your workload. Because Promiso runs in a standard browser you don't have to wait in line for a computer; pick the closest one that's free and log on.
In a Way That Makes Sense
If you've used the web then Promiso is a no-brainer. Its efficient page design allows you to go directly to the screen you want, fill in the blanks, and save. That's it.
Record Once, Never Twice
You should never have to re-enter data once it's been recorded, unless something changes. Promiso fills in previous data every time you revisit a client. Just enter what's new and you're done. A real time-saver with repeating or chronic clients.

Unlocking the Report Advantage: Here's the Key

Data has little value in itself. Like a pile of lumber it just sits there until you do something with it. With lumber you build a home. With data you build reports.

Sadly, many programs are more concerned with getting data in than allowing you to build reports to get information out. Within the data are the facts and figures you're longing to get at, so why should you be locked out? Prepackaged reports can be too broad or too narrow in their content; their layout can be confusing or fail to convey credibility. Many can't be modified.

Introducing Report Designer, the simple way to get sophisticated reports from Promiso. How simple? Just select a report, enter a date span, and print. The report may be one of a clean, comprehensive set of base reports we have constructed using Report Designer; a custom report built in-house using Report Designer; or a variation you create by adjusting the report conditions to drill down or pull back on the level of detail.

Think of how much better the return on your data collection investment would be if the resulting information could speak to you directly through powerful reports. Reports that don't just regurgitate what you already know but deliver the goods upon which smart management decisions are made. Exactly the kind of reports that Report Designer delivers.

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