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Report Designer

Reports need to convey the right information for you to make smart decisions. That means reliable facts and figures presented clearly. Report Designer creates reports that look the way you think.

So Long As It's Black

In the early days of mass production, automobile magnate Henry Ford uttered his famous quote, "The customer can have any colour he wants so long as it's black." Software vendors have adopted a similar sentiment when it comes to reporting: "Customers can have any report they want so long as it looks like this."

Not us. We know you want the ability to customize your reports. To convey information from Promiso in the most meaningful way. To base your decisions on that information. That's why reporting influences almost every decision we make about our software.

Getting the Most Out of Your Workload

Report Designer is a complement to Promiso, our workload measurement program. If your needs are more demanding than can be satisfied with Promiso's built-in reports, Report Designer gives you the tools you need to create reports that go above and beyond. You simply drag objects onto the Report Designer workspace and drop them where you want them to appear on the final report. There are objects for every bit of data stored in Promiso, so if it has been recorded it can be reported, right where you place it. Other objects allow you to place text, perform math, apply statistical functions, insert a counter, add a title or page number, draw lines; everything you need to design professional reports.

Putting Sophisticated Report Design in Your Hands

If you've used third-party report writers such as Crystal Reports®, you will appreciate the benefits of Report Designer immediately:

Put InfoMed to Work for You

If you long to have reports that read the way you think—reports that make perfect sense as soon as you see them—then you need Report Designer. To find out more:

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