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Without measuring workload you simply cannot manage time and precious resources to their fullest. Smart management decisions depend upon reliable workload information to deliver the best level of care.

Workload Measurement as a Management Tool

We can't alter time or resources but we can help you track them both more effectively. Promiso [pro-mee-so], our workload measurement program, puts you in control by giving you the information you need to make smart decisions. Here's how Promiso does it:

Got 30 Seconds?

The biggest complaint about workload measurement is the amount of time it takes to record the data. Yet, for most, the data is considered essential to understanding the workings of an organization. So, if you have to collect it, you should do so efficiently.

Promiso is efficient. If it takes more than 30 seconds to record an encounter with a new client then you need to give us a call. Something's not right. Subsequent entries for the same client should take less than 10 seconds.

While no one likes to record workload, Promiso at least makes it painless. And fast.

All Professions Can Apply

Few industries outside health care employ such a diverse group of highly-trained individuals. And while many different professionals may treat the same client, their roles are uniquely defined. So, too, are their workload recording and reporting needs.

Promiso accommodates as many professions as you'd like, each choosing the data collection level and items it wants to track. Then you produce single- or multi-profession reports to help you evaluate, justify, compare, and plan.

Reports That Give You Answers

If all you want to show for your workload measurement efforts are numbers, you could simply buy a calculator and total the data yourself. But if you need answers as well as numbers, you need Promiso.

Here's the difference. Numbers can tell you about workload and caseload: how many clients are seen in the cardiac clinic; total amount of time for the month; average time per client. Straightforward stuff but hardly enough detail for when sizing up a situation.

Answers, on the other hand, are the transformation of facts and figures into management fodder. For example, how much time is spent per client diagnostic type by referring physician; which staff members have the most experience in endoscopy; how well utilized (or underutilized) are the four consultation rooms in oncology; what is the cost per client in the asthma clinic per age category; what's the average travel time per palliative home visit by geographical region?

Powerful information for making smart decisions. Delivered to your desktop by Promiso.

Webward Bound: They Wish They Were

The web has been around for some time but only now are many software development companies in the healthcare industry realizing its potential. So, while they scramble to re-engineer their products, they offer add-ons to existing applications to make it look like they know the web.

Not us. In 2000 we jumped on the web with gusto, focusing all of our future development in this direction. Years later our products, including Promiso, thrive in the web browser environment. With more than a billion people worldwide using browsers—half of them in Europe and North America—we're delighted with our decision. So are our clients.

All InfoMed products thrive on the internet and corporate intranets. What's the difference? The internet connects you to the rest of the world. Intranets connect you to other computers inside your organization. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox® run on both the internet and intranets. So, if your computer has a browser (just try to find one that doesn't) then you can run Promiso.

Why does this matter? Well...

Put InfoMed to Work for You

If you need a workload measurement solution, you need Promiso. To find out more:

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