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One Program for All

Are you looking for one program to manage workload measurement for your organization? One program to tame the jungle of workload requirements for a multitude of professions? One program to report consistently across these professions? One program to satisfy several levels of management? Well, your search is over.

Professions have similarities when it comes to recording and reporting workload. But they certainly have their differences. How best, then, for a development team to build a solution?

Our Competitors Choose This Approach

They write software for a specific profession. And so in each organization different programs from different vendors support different professions. Overall, maintenance and training costs are high.

When it comes to looking at the big, multi-profession picture you are faced with having to spend hours, if not days, manipulating data from various programs to arrive at a few core numbers. Every month. Not good.

Or They Choose This Approach

They write one program to manage all professions. However, the results are anything but sterling because all professions are forced to fit the same mould.

Individual professions resent the restrictions and chafe at having to settle for less. Data quality suffers. And so, single profession reports are of questionable value. Multi-profession reports only compound the problem. Not good either.

We've Opted for a Solution That Works for You

Here's how we do it. Promiso, our workload measurement program, handles any number of professions. No shoehorn required. Our solution builds on the similarities between professions while allowing for individual differences. Set up to reflect its particular needs, each profession within Promiso acts as if it were the only one. Voilà! Complete resource management built on strong professional components.

Now for the True Power of One Program for All

Once workload is recorded, the true power of Promiso shines.

Obtain information using the built-in reports or custom reports created with Report Designer: display the results for one or more professions, as a whole or broken down into subsets. You now have what it takes to make smart decisions as a professional leader or as a manager of a multi-disciplinary team, clinic, community-based health initiative, or research project.

Produce reports using MIS Statistical Export Utility to fulfill the need of finance managers for information to feed into other applications, with a focus on the professions that provide services in your organization.

Generate volume and detail reports using Case Costing Export Utility to satisfy the need of case costing managers for information to import into other applications, with a focus on the individuals who have received services from your organization.

Promiso makes complete resource reporting a whole lot easier.

Put InfoMed to Work for You

If you need reliable information to make management decisions at the profession level and beyond, you need to put InfoMed to work for you. To find out more:

Call: 1.800.561.4993


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One Program for All





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