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Mobile Edition

If you're a healthcare provider on the move, like a respiratory therapist or community nurse, you know how challenging it is to keep track of your workload on the fly. Now imagine recording the workload on a palm computer that travels with you.

On The Move

Mobile Edition (MobE) runs on small portable devices you carry in a pocket or clipped to your belt. No matter where you are, you call up client information through a wireless connection, fill in the latest data, and save. That's it. Workload recorded and saved in the Promiso database.

Ditto for any work that does not involve clients, such as staff meetings, maintenance, and in-service education.

Since MobE is with you at all times, you record workload on the spot. No guessing about the details hours or days later. And once entered that information is available immediately to all other Promiso (and MobE) users.

MobE's sole purpose is to record workload. It has been designed for speedy entry of data by professionals on the move. Consider it Promiso with all but the data collection features stripped away.

Of Course it Runs in a Browser

Like all InfoMed products, MobE runs in a browser. It is extremely lightweight to meet the constraints of scaled-down browsers found on portable devices. All that's required to run MobE is a device with a wireless connection and a browser that supports basic JavaScript®.

No Shortage of Devices to Run MobE

There are a number of portable computing devices and lightweight operating systems on the market. This gives consumers lots of choice but it makes software development a nightmare. Thank goodness for browsers.

Browsers have a standardized way of interpreting web pages. Because MobE runs in a browser, its web pages look and work about the same way regardless of the device being used.

The most popular devices are Pocket PCs™ such as the Dell Axim™ running Windows Mobile®, Palm®, and Blackberry®.

Put InfoMed to Work for You

MobE provides hassle-free workload recording while on the move. To find out more:

Call: 1.800.561.4993


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