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Out of the workload data come numbers that can feed other applications in finance and decision support. Getting at these numbers and formatting them properly for the intended applications is often a challenge. Not so with our export options.

Tapping a Rich Source of Data

Promiso, our workload measurement program, stores details about how resources are utilized in your organization. This makes it a rich source of data for other applications: data, for example, to update the general ledger, determine costing, complete decision-making models. These other applications often provide an interface to import external data.

We have created two companion products to extract the data you require and export it: Management Information Systems (MIS) Statistical Export Utility and Case Costing Export Utility.

MIS Statistical Export Utility (MISSEU)

MISSEU exports data from the perspective of the profession providing the services. It capitalizes on Promiso's ability to capture workload and relate it to elements such as client type, contact type, cost centre, and age group.

You create MISSEU reports row by row, specifying the fields you need in each. You might start with the report span and continue with rows of statistical account numbers and the corresponding workload or caseload. Copy features facilitate repetitive work from row to row and one profession to another.

Once a report has been created it can be saved and run as required (e.g., every month). Each time it is run, it iterates through the database and writes to an export file in ANSI Standard Delimited Format (SDF). This file can then be imported by the receiving applications.

Case Costing Export Utility (CCEU)

CCEU exports workload data from the perspective of the recipient of the services. It takes advantage of Promiso's ability to track workload by client and the profession providing the service. This is the extract to run if you need to know time spent providing services to individual clients. The data is typically required by case costing programs, hence the name.

When setting up this report you export workload per client or per client plus encounter number. Here's the difference. Client extracts retrieve data for each client over the date span you specify at run-time. If you choose to extract per encounter number then data will be retrieved per client broken down by the encounter number assigned at the time of service delivery. In either case, you can select to have the output as totals for the date span or as totals for individual days within the date span.

Put InfoMed to Work for You

MISSEU and CCEU solve the problem of feeding data to applications in finance and decision support. To find out more:

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