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Finance/Decision Support

You wouldn't make budgetary decisions without knowing the state of your finances. Yet in crucial areas such as case costing and strategic planning, financial figures are just part of the equation. Workload is the other.

Accuracy, One Grain at a Time

Remember sand timers? Two glass bulbs connected by a thin tube; fine grains of sand trickling from one bulb to the other to measure time? As insignificant as each grain of sand was, the accuracy of the device depended on one and all.

In finance, decision support, and case costing, workload data are the grains of sand. Without complete and accurate workload you're just not getting the whole picture. How can important decisions be made based on incomplete or fuzzy information?

Resource Utilization Down to the Minute

InfoMed products deliver the degree of granularity you need to make financial decisions with confidence. Because the workload data is collected in minutes (or even seconds) you can see precisely how time is spent in the provision of services. This is true no matter how you may wish to aggregate the data to look at resource utilization (e.g., by client, department, functional centre, team, program, referral source, type of client, funding source).

Making Workload Data Accessible

Specialized programs are available to crunch numbers for finance and decision support. These programs need workload data; however, getting that data out of workload measurement programs is often a major, time-consuming task. One that involves the expertise of in-house or outsourced software engineers.

Stop. Save yourself the frustration and expense. At InfoMed we've developed companion products for Promiso to feed statistical and case-costing applications. MISSEU (Management Information Systems Statistical Export Utility) and CCEU (Case Costing Export Utility) allow you to access the data easily—at any time, for any date span—and output what you need in the proper format. No database or programming skills required.

Put InfoMed to Work for You

Whether you need to determine the financial impact of realigning programs, look at the feasibility of bringing on a new physician, compare costs with peer organizations, or conduct other finance/decision support analyses, InfoMed products can provide you with the essential raw data. To find out more:

Call: 1.800.561.4993


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