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ADT Interface Server

Having access to data from your Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) system while charting or recording client workload can save you time and improve the accuracy of those tasks. Our ADT Interface Server makes this access possible.

ADT Information Available in Real Time

Housed somewhere in your organization is an electronic warehouse of data about your client population. Within this repository is an area usually referred to as ADT. If Promiso, our workload measurement program, can have access to data from your ADT system, then recording client workload is a lot easier because you don't need to enter information such as ID, demographics, encounter numbers, or location. Similarly for Skribos, our charting program.

ADT Interface Server provides that access. It reads messages in HL7 format and updates the appropriate tables in the database. Transactions are done in real time: as soon as client data in the ADT is added, updated, or deleted, ADT Interface Server receives a message and updates the database for use with Promiso and Skribos.

Get the Bigger Picture

In addition to synchronizing client demographic data, ADT Interface Server has another powerful purpose. Tracking workload involves recording the elements used in providing client services. Promiso can track workload for any element you desire—client type, diagnosis, referring physician, program, service, cost centre, and encounter number, to name a few. This information can be retrieved from the ADT through ADT Interface Server along with the demographic data and filled in for you.

Imagine getting this wealth of information without duplicating data entry tasks performed in your ADT system.

Put InfoMed to Work for You

ADT Interface Server eliminates redundancy and saves you time. To find out more:

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ADT Interface Server





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